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Flower Passage Popular Places

Flower Passage built in the mid nineteenth century, which comes vibrantly alive every evening, resonating under the melodies of live Turkish music. Hosting a number of restaurants nestled cozily all along its cobbled lane, this historical arcade is a popular venue for eaters and drinkers. Should you follow Cicek Pasaji around to the left, it exits into the Balik Pazari or Fish Market, a wild passageway pinned with small fast-food eateries, fresh fish and vegetable market stalls, a sprinkling of other arbitrary shops and thronging with passers-by. Heavily scented by wafting spices and sizzling mussels and other fish, blazing in color and displaying a curious accumulation of foodstuffs, make it altogether an interesting walk. The specialized sweet dessert shops further down the passage on the left turn of the passage are well over 100 years old, offer a great selection of luscious sweets. However keep to the main thoroughfare of the passage and you will notice the small turn off on the right to Nevizade Sokak, there is a whole street spilling over in tables dedicating itself lovingly to the business of the Meyhane, or tavern, in a world of its own. It has got to be one of the most popular Turkish favorites for dining out and is frequented by the young and old, the glib and glitzy alike. Pull up at a table inside or out and order a beverage - all touts are very encouraging and the service is attentive from start to finish. It is traditional that the waiter subsequently approaches with an immense tray laden with tantalizing and mouthwatering preliminary cold starters, or mezes. The idea is to select a couple of dishes that appeal to you which are placed center table and are communally shared. A typical meze table might include white cheese, mashed eggplant, fried vegetables, a herby yogurt dip like sazarki, fried shrimps or mussels, and some melon to be eaten slowly with chunky slices of bread. And this is only for starters! 

The favorite accompaniment is Turkish Raki - an alcoholic beverage derived from aniseed and mixed with water which actually compliments the mezes wonderfully. The Turks have refined the whole business of eating into an art itself so that the experience is an culinary explosion of tastes and a titillation to the senses which would put even the French to shame….a scoop of yogurt dip or a steaming buttered shrimp, small sip of Raki, a sip of water, a juicy slice of melon, a sip of Raki… and so this intermittent ritual and pleasure taken in eating and drinking goes on over long hours and under good conversation. Fresh fish or a grilled meat usually fulfill the main course and a complimentary fruit salad is often presented at the finale. You may even have the occasion to be serenaded by passing street musicians at the outdoor settings.

Address: Hüseyinağa,34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul



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