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"Located at the core of the historical peninsula."

Galata Tower Popular Places

Galata Tower & Galata Quarter Watchtower of the Genoese fortifications dating from 1349, Galata Tower is the only surviving remnant of that colony today and stands an obvious landmark gracing the sky, rising out of present day Beyoglu, overlooking the Golden Horn and across to the Asian shores. The surrounding quarter nurtured a whole diversity of European ethnic minorities which flourished there in the nineteenth century, among them Armenians, Venetians, Jews, Greeks…and it was from this ever expanding mingled foreign quarter that Pera blossomed and bloomed to its European-ness. This lone foreign colony, virtually on the doorstep of the Golden Horn, was warily regarded by those inhabitants and hence Galata was denoted as 'Pera', derived from a Greek word meaning 'opposite shore'. The concept of that mentality is laughable today when it is the expansive shores of Europe and Asia that are the real opposite shores of today. An interesting tale and seemingly not urban myth associated with the Galata Tower tells of how one enthusiastic inventor by name of Hazerfan Ahmet Celebi, clipped two homemade wings to himself in the sixteenth century and leapt off the upper tower environs, successfully gliding all the way across the Bosphorus to the town of Uskudar unscathed, and rendering it one of the first flights. Today it hosts a restaurant and nightclubs but be sure to take a ride up in the towers modern lift and venture outdoors to the panoramic balcony. from which there are breathtaking views over the Golden Horn, Marmara Sea, the Bosphorus and the brightly colored tiles of Galata's own residences. And what a magnificent viewpoint to finish the tour, particularly at sunset - still on a high, all of Istanbul gloriously spread at your feet, in gold!

Address: Bereketzade,Galata Kulesi,Beyoğlu/İstanbul


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