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Arnavutköy Bosphorus

Arnavutkoy, the Albanian Village, has one of the most picturesque harbors anywhere along the Bosphorus. The sea front is lined with quaint old wooden houses and in front of them are moored innumerable fishing boats painted in every shade imaginable. Along the shore are several excellent fish restaurants and one Greek tavern. 

The interior of Arnavutkoy is also quite charming and picturesque, particularly the back streets and lanes and climbs the slopes of the hills and valleys on which they are perched. On the hill above in a superb position are the buildings of Robert College, an American coeducational school, founded in 1871 as the American College. 

Off the point of Arnavutkoy, Akinti Burnu, is the deepest part of the Bosphorus, over a hundred meters in depth at the center of the strait. The current flows so fast that it is very hard for sailing vessels to round the point.


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