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Beykoz Bosphorus

The lords walnut, was the reputed home of King Amycus, and here, on the spot where he fell in battle with Polydeuces, was planted a bay tree, which caused madness in any who decked themselves with its branches. It is one of the larger villages on the Asia shore of the bosphorus and, despite industrial growth around its edges. The village is still very appealing with lovely old houses good fish restaurants and a shady main square with what was once a splendid 18th century fountain in it. 

Hunkar Iskelesi, the imperial landing stage so named because in the wooded valley nearby Mehmet the Conqueror built a royal pavilion, rebuilt by Suleyman the Magnificent, and the Sultans landed here when they visited it. It was here in October 1833 that the Treaty of Hunkar Iskelesi was signed between Russia and Ottoman Empire. 

The present little palace was only built in the middle of the nineteenth century by the architect Sarkis Balyan, it is now used as a hospital but is still shaded by a lovely grove of plane trees.


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